Big fundraising to protect Ukrainian cities

In honor of the twenty-second birthday of the Sigma Software company, we announce a big fundraising and join the project, which aims to develop a system for protection of Ukrainian cities.

Every day, our cities and towns suffer from the aggressor’s rockets and missiles. The project, which has already united many Ukrainian businesses, is called to save human lives and our beloved cities from destruction. Kharkiv, the hometown of our company and many of our colleagues, should become the first city to test the system.

Every year, Sigma Software plans celebration activities and gifts for specialists for its birthday. This year, the company decided to transfer UAH 300K (equivalent to around $7,5K), which was planned for gifts, to the project of developing the system for protection of Ukrainian cities. The company’s specialists also join the fundraising, and the amount collected by them will be doubled by Sigma Software Unity Fund.

Join the fundraising, which will last until May 20 inclusively.
Help to protect Ukrainians and Ukraine!