December results

Dear Friends,

We are sharing with you the results of December. This month the fund was able to transfer the help for a total sum of 488651,79 UAH. Due to your constant support, in December Sigma Software Unity Fund purchased and handed over to the different units of Armed Forces the following equipment:

  • Tires for total sum of 25,376 UAH.
  • Replacement Starlink cables for 23100 UAH.
  • Personal equipment and means of protection for the total sum of 32,948.08 UAH.
  • Radio equipment, charging stations, laptops, and power supplies for a total cost of 229,608.96 UAH.
  • DJI Mavic 3 Pro and DJI RC Pro Remote Controller, 104751,75 UAH.

The fund also continued cooperation with the project aimed at locating and returning Ukrainian children from russia. In November, the fund supported the project with equipment for a total sum of 72,867 UAH.

We are so grateful for your every donation. Let`s continue helping together!