January results

Dear Friends,

The first month of 2024 is over. We never stopped helping our defenders and hurry to share the latest report with you.

In January, the Sigma Software Unity Fund transferred various equipment to the military units serving mainly in the Donetsk direction and also worked with direct requests from the Ministry of Defense. The gathered funds in January reached 1 ,013,801.68 UAH ($26,996) and were used for:

  • Purchasing cables for the military unit in the Donetsk direction for 14,796.00 UAH.
  • Payment and transfer of Starlinks for our defenders in the Donetsk direction, 90,041.52 UAH.
  • Purchasing personal ammunition and equipment for the total sum of 58,977.00 UAH.
  • Purchasing a charging station for a total of 72,098.00 UAH.
  • Purchasing a signal amplifier for a military unit in the Donetsk direction, 40,000.00 UAH.
  • Transferring spare parts for the amphibious assault brigade for 250,000.00 UAH.
  • Purchasing DJI Mavic 3 drone of the 80th separate airborne brigade, which is defending the country in the Donetsk direction, 74,848.20 UAH.
  • Purchasing gun scopes for the 225th battalion, 165,000.00 UAH.
  • Transferring laptops for the Ministry of Defense for a total of 248,040.96 UAH.

We are grateful for your everyday support! Stay with Ukraine!

Stay tuned for further updates.