March results

Dear Friends,

In March we continued helping the Army and did our best to close the direct equipment requests received from the Armed Forces. Find detailed information on the completed and ongoing projects in our regular report.

Transferred 26 Laptops for the National Guard

In 2024, the Ground troops together with the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, began implementing SAP logistics management systems in each brigade. Such systems allow for checking the units` needs quickly and without unnecessary paperwork, seeing the status of the application, and preventing corruption risks.

Currently, SAP is used only for the supply of spare parts and clothing provision. However, it is planned to add more new supply categories in the future.

This system is widely used by partner countries of Ukraine, which allows to unify the logistics system with allies and to carry out complex logistics operations without unnecessary trouble.

For the needs of this large-scale project, Sigma Sofware and Sigma Software Unity Fund, with the support of our Swedish partners, handed over 26 powerful laptops to the National Guard for a total sum of UAH 109,364.

Continue cooperation with the Spine Center in Kharkiv

Last month we started cooperation with Kharkiv Rehabilitation Spine Center, and are glad to share the results. During March 79 people received medical help within the transferred sum including 14 doctor’s consultations, 25 osteopath appointments, 19 rehabilitation sessions, and 21 physio procedures.

United by Victories in Kharkiv

On March 30, Sigma Software and our Unity Fund joined the film screening in Kharkiv. The event took place in a bomb shelter of the National Theater of Opera and Ballet and welcomed a wide audience including IT specialists, representatives of educational institutions, journalists, and volunteers.

The film named “Bucha” tells the story of a volunteer, who saved hundreds of people in 2022.

Sigma Software supported the screening as an information partner and launched an exposition of “United by Victories” mural copies to attract more attention. Serhii Evdokimov, the Head of the Sigma Software Unity Fund, visited the event and told the participants about our activities and ongoing projects.

We managed to get several donations, and all of them will be directed to the Army help.

Thank you for your support and trust. Let`s help together!