March results

Dear Friends,

In March we continued helping the Army and did our best to close the direct equipment requests received from the Armed Forces. Find detailed information on the completed and ongoing projects in our regular report.

Transferred 26 Laptops for the National Guard

In 2024, the Ground troops together with the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, began implementing SAP logistics management systems in each brigade. Such systems allow for checking the units` needs quickly and without unnecessary paperwork, seeing the status of the application, and preventing corruption risks.

Currently, SAP is used only for the supply of spare parts and clothing provision. However, it is planned to add more new supply categories in the future.

This system is widely used by partner countries of Ukraine, which allows to unify the logistics system with allies and to carry out complex logistics operations without unnecessary trouble.

For the needs of this large-scale project, Sigma Sofware and Sigma Software Unity Fund, with the support of our Swedish partners, handed over 26 powerful laptops to the National Guard for a total sum of UAH 109,364.

Continue cooperation with the Spine Center in Kharkiv

Last month we started cooperation with Kharkiv Rehabilitation Spine Center, and are glad to share the results. During March 79 people received medical help within the transferred sum including 14 doctor’s consultations, 25 osteopath appointments, 19 rehabilitation sessions, and 21 physio procedures.

United by Victories in Kharkiv

On March 30, Sigma Software and our Unity Fund joined the film screening in Kharkiv. The event took place in a bomb shelter of the National Theater of Opera and Ballet and welcomed a wide audience including IT specialists, representatives of educational institutions, journalists, and volunteers.

The film named “Bucha” tells the story of a volunteer, who saved hundreds of people in 2022.

Sigma Software supported the screening as an information partner and launched an exposition of “United by Victories” mural copies to attract more attention. Serhii Evdokimov, the Head of the Sigma Software Unity Fund, visited the event and told the participants about our activities and ongoing projects.

We managed to get several donations, and all of them will be directed to the Army help.

Thank you for your support and trust. Let`s help together!

February results

Dear Friends,

Winter is over, and it is time to share the February results with you. The total amount of money gathered and transferred in February reached 782,025.82 UAH, which is about $20K.

The majority of requests were still coming from the Donetsk direction. Within this period, Sigma Software Unity Fund managed to purchase and transfer:

  • DJI Mavic 3 T enterprise drone for the total sum of 194,213.76 UAH.
  • DJI Mavic 3 Pro drones, 6 pieces for the total sum is 436,557.47 UAH.
  • Personal equipment for our defenders for a total of 80,254.59 UAH.
  • Two signal amplifiers and two remote antennas for military unit 7042, the total sum is 71,000.00 UAH.

In February, Sergiy Evdokimov, Head of Unity Fund, handed over four powerful computers to the Air Forces, namely to the Center of Monitoring of the Information Space. This is a small unit, whose main task is to create video materials on how the help from our Western partners is used on the frontline and in the Army. The unit needed modern computers for video processing. The transfer took place in Sigma Software Kyiv office.

Also, Sigma Software and Unity Fund started a new partnership with the Kharkiv Spinal Center, which specializes in the rehabilitation of military personnel, who have problems with the spine after the military service or as a result of an injury. The first transfer for $1000 will be handed over soon to cover the most urgent needs. In the future, we plan to continue this cooperation and provide financial assistance regularly.

We never tire of thanking you for your continuous support and your every donation! Stay tuned for further updates.

January results

Dear Friends,

The first month of 2024 is over. We never stopped helping our defenders and hurry to share the latest report with you.

In January, the Sigma Software Unity Fund transferred various equipment to the military units serving mainly in the Donetsk direction and also worked with direct requests from the Ministry of Defense. The gathered funds in January reached 1 ,013,801.68 UAH ($26,996) and were used for:

  • Purchasing cables for the military unit in the Donetsk direction for 14,796.00 UAH.
  • Payment and transfer of Starlinks for our defenders in the Donetsk direction, 90,041.52 UAH.
  • Purchasing personal ammunition and equipment for the total sum of 58,977.00 UAH.
  • Purchasing a charging station for a total of 72,098.00 UAH.
  • Purchasing a signal amplifier for a military unit in the Donetsk direction, 40,000.00 UAH.
  • Transferring spare parts for the amphibious assault brigade for 250,000.00 UAH.
  • Purchasing DJI Mavic 3 drone of the 80th separate airborne brigade, which is defending the country in the Donetsk direction, 74,848.20 UAH.
  • Purchasing gun scopes for the 225th battalion, 165,000.00 UAH.
  • Transferring laptops for the Ministry of Defense for a total of 248,040.96 UAH.

We are grateful for your everyday support! Stay with Ukraine!

Stay tuned for further updates.

Results of the year

Dear friends,

We sincerely congratulate you on the New Year. We send the warmest works of gratitude to our defenders and wish all of us peace in the upcoming year.

We also would like to recall the main milestones in Sigma Software Unity Fund’s work in 2023 and share with you our plans for 2024.

Our main focus in 2023 was on helping the Army Forces processing the direct requests that we get from our defenders from all directions. The most popular requests were personal protective equipment, electronic warfare equipment, vehicles and spare parts for them, drones, and Ecoflows.

We also ran several big fundraising campaigns and took part in joint projects.

  • It is of course, help for the Kherson region after the dam explosion, when we managed to gather over 1,3M UAH.
  • We joined the project of Janika Merilo aimed at finding and returning Ukrainian kids who were illegally relocated to russia.
  • Together with the Charity Fund “Patients of Ukraine” we gathered the necessary sum to equip a training room for future FPV drone pilots on the basis of hospital rehabilitation departments.
  • Also, we joined the project of the Lviv IT cluster and Lviv Military Administration called “Shahedbusters” and transferred the necessary funds for fully-equipped pickup aimed at fighting with drones.
  • Transferred 150 pieces of computer equipment to one of the Kharkiv universities, and others.


Since the beginning of 2022, the company and fund already gathered and transferred over $4M.

In 2024 we plan to continue doing what we do. Also, we are considering starting new partnerships with Ukrainian military manufacturers and the government.

We are very grateful to all of you, who supported us in 2023, and hope you`ll stay with us.

December results

Dear Friends,

We are sharing with you the results of December. This month the fund was able to transfer the help for a total sum of 488651,79 UAH. Due to your constant support, in December Sigma Software Unity Fund purchased and handed over to the different units of Armed Forces the following equipment:

  • Tires for total sum of 25,376 UAH.
  • Replacement Starlink cables for 23100 UAH.
  • Personal equipment and means of protection for the total sum of 32,948.08 UAH.
  • Radio equipment, charging stations, laptops, and power supplies for a total cost of 229,608.96 UAH.
  • DJI Mavic 3 Pro and DJI RC Pro Remote Controller, 104751,75 UAH.

The fund also continued cooperation with the project aimed at locating and returning Ukrainian children from russia. In November, the fund supported the project with equipment for a total sum of 72,867 UAH.

We are so grateful for your every donation. Let`s continue helping together!

November results

In November Sigma Software Unity Fund purchased the following equipment for units defending the country on Bakhmut direction:

  • Ecoflow for the total sum of 55,000 UAH
  • Remote antenna for the total sum of 93,000 UAH
  • Autel Evo Max 4T drone for the total sum of 291,000 UAH
  • Tires for the total sum of 25,376 UAH.

The fund also continued cooperation with the project aimed at locating and returning Ukrainian children from russia. In November, the fund supported the project with equipment for the total sum of 72,867 UAH.

The total funds spent in November 537,243 UAH.

We are very thankful for every your donation!

October results

In October, Sigma Software Unity Fund purchased and delivered the following equipment:

  • Two Starlinks for the total sum of $1,064 for 227 battalion on the Kupiansk direction.
  • Two quadrocopters DJI Mavic 3 Fly More Combo for the total sum of 225,292 UAH. The copters were transferred to a unit that now serves in the Donetsk direction.
  • Five magazines MAG 557-BLK Magpu, the total sum is 12,800 UAH. The equipment was requested directly and handed over to our defenders.
  • Purchased 6 FVP drones HUMMEL for the total sum 160,000 UAH for one of the units on Donetsk direction.
  • Purchased a reconnaissance drone for the total cost 18,331 Euro.

Also, Sigma Software Unity Fund joined the project by Lviv IT Cluster and Lviv Military Administration aimed at equipping mobile battle units to defend the energy facilities and other critical infrastructure from missiles. 18,356 USD were transferred to purchase a pickup and equip it with tablets, thermal imagers, searchlights, and other necessary equipment that would allow to efficiently shoot down enemy`s drones.

The total sum spent in October is 398,092.00 UAH, 19,420 USD and 19,331 Euro.


In October, Sigma Software and Sigma Software unity fund ran two fundraising. The first one was help during Dysarium conference. 16,000 UAH were gathered and transferred to the current projects of Sigma Software unity Fund.
On October 27, in Kyiv, we ran a charity standup evening, engaging a known Ukrainian standup comedian Vasyl Baidak. During the event, we raised a total of UAH 72,961 in donations.
Collected funds together with the help from Sigma Software are allocated to purchasing five 10-inch FPV drones with two night cameras for Donetsk direction.

Thank you for your donations and constant support!

Helped Kharkiv University to equip computer class

Recently Sigma Software Unity Fund donated 150 pieces of computer equipment, including Computer Software.

A few months ago, one of the Kharkiv universities turned to us with a request to help their faculty equip a computer class. In August we handed over the prepared computer kits and we hope that now the students will continue their studies with even greater enthusiasm.

We are sure that in such times it is very important to unite for a common goal and support Ukrainian educational institutions like never before.

Sigma Software Unity Fund helps Southern Regions

It`s been several weeks now that we have been following the news from the South of Ukraine feeling sincere pain in our hearts. The Kakhovka Reservoir blowing up is a huge humanitarian and ecological disaster, the consequences of which we will suffer for a long time.

However, even in the most difficult times, our people cannot be broken. We see how heroically our rescuers save people and animals despite constant shellings. So many people are ready to shelter the victims, while humanitarian aid is gathered by the whole country and by caring people all over the globe.

Sigma Software Group and unity Fund could not stay aside. During last week, the experts of the company, our friends, and partners, as well as everyone, who desired to help, took part in urgent fundraising for fighting the consequences of explosion and flood. Sigma Software donated 1 million UAH.

Together with all other donations, the money are directed to urgent needs of the region and people suffering from consequences. The whole sum of the funds raised reached 1,130,682 UAH.

On the direct request of Kherson local authorities the Fund purchased:

  • 100 heat guns. Total sum spent on heat guns and logistics: 697,800 UAH.
  • 46 generators. Total finds spent for generators and logistics: 426,880,00 UAH.

These items will help people to dry out their flood-affected houses. You can find all the invoices attached.

The remaining funds (6,002 UAH) will be distributed to other Fund`s projects.

If you`d like to support any other ongoing project, you can do that by the link:

We thank everyone, who participated in this urgent fundraising. Stay tuned for updates on other projects of Sigma Software Unity Fund on our Facebook and Instagram pages, and on website.

Proud to be Ukrainians!