Fund raising for evacuation

The evacuation team needs help.

Fund raising for cars for evacuation of civilians

During the year, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, we have formed a permanent evacuation team that helps people in the hottest spots of the Kharkiv and Donetsk Regions to move to safer places. Thousands of people were rescued from the front line and nearby villages, tens of thousands of people left the occupied territories… Children, women, elderly people…

Our team used every possible resource to help. We drove our own civilian cars, we asked for jeeps and buses our friends, friends of our acquaintances, and everyone who could help. But at the moment, there is a constant need for four-wheel drive cars that can get to places where a bus or a passenger car cannot pass, to places where a car can lose not only wheels, but be lost at all…

When our team, together with our volunteer friends, receives another request for help… “Evacuation request”… We will go to the front line again to come back, get people out and go again.

As of now, vehicles that have been working in extremely difficult conditions for more than a year are breaking down, so they need long and expensive repairs and maintenance. That’s why we are opening a large fund raising for recovery vehicles.


Fund raising for maintenance of the volunteer fleet

What is a volunteer car? A volunteer car is a kind of stash vehicle. Today it carries food or medicine to the de-occupied territories, tomorrow – equipment, tactical medicine and goodies for the front line, and yesterday it carried a child with a pet, her mother and two bedridden old people who cannot get out of shelling by themselves… A volunteer car may be rusty, it may be dirty, it may not even be a high-passability car, because there are enough problems even where there is asphalt… But a volunteer car cannot be broken and with an empty tank. This is something that cannot be allowed, because lives depend on it… on that volunteer car…

Fund raising for repairs, ongoing maintenance and fuel for volunteer cars is a constant headache for everyone responsible for making the car go and return. So every coin that you have donated to this fundraiser means more kilometers that we will drive, tons of goods that we will deliver, people that we will save… And all this is possible only thanks to YOU!!!

Collected as of today, usd

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