June Results

Dear Friends,

The first month of summer is over. We`re glad to share the June results featuring the main activities of Sigma Software Unity Fund. As always, we are endlessly thankful for your support and donations!

In June, the Fund transferred 320,173 UAH to cover two direct requests from our defenders on Kharkiv direction:

  • Purchased a drone for the total sum of 190,823.00 UAH
  • Purchased drone control station and other additional equipment for the total sum of 129,350 UAH.

Recently the Fund also transferred 1250 USD to support our Brazillian colleagues after the floods they faced.

Continuing partnership with Kharkiv Spinal Center

In February, Sigma Software and Unity Fund started a partnership with Kharkiv Spinal Center, which specializes in rehabilitating our defenders who have spine problems after serving in the army or as a result of injuries. In June, the Fund transferred 40,000 UAH for the urgent needs of the institution.

About 27,000 UAH of this sum has already been spent and included

  • 25 doctors` consultations
  • 21 appointments for сorrections by an osteopath
  • 47 rehabilitation sessions

Stay tuned for further updates about our partnership with Spinal Center and other projects.