Results of fundraising for the protection of Ukrainian cities

Dear Friends, in May, we announced a big fundraising in honor of Sigma Software’s 22nd birthday intended to support a large project aimed at developing a system for the protection of Ukrainian cities. The project should start from Kharkiv, which is suffering from enemy`s missiles.

Many of you have responded to this fundraising. We are glad to share the amazing results we have:

  • 13,035.82 USD (about 534,839.53 UAH) donated by our wonderful colleagues! We are so proud to be a part of such a close-knit and caring team!
  • 20 ambassadors supported the fundraising in their social networks, inviting their followers to join it. They were able to gather almost 2,400 USD (93,750 UAH).
  • 72,460 UAH (1,800 USD) were raised among the participants of the DOU Day conference, which we supported as one of the main partners.
  • Sigma Software and Sigma Software Unity Fund decided to double not only the amount gathered inside the company but the whole sum of received donations, which is 701,049 UAH.
  • 300,000 UAH (around 7,500 USD) saved from the T-shirts are transferred to the common fund.

The total sum thus reaches 1,702,099 UAH or around 41,800 dollars!

We thank all of you, who made this possible! You are incredible!